Product Gallery

Our products are comprised of 3 categories: hand made bouquets, a variety of cut flowers, and potted plants. Below are some examples of each category as well as some other featured products. 



Our bouquets are all hand made, built with passion & expertise, and are the backbone of our business. 


Our bouquets are all handmade, and all the flowers selected from premium quality suppliers. The bouquets range in sizes from small to large, and arranged by our bouquet makers with over 50 years combined experience. Our bouquet menu has a staple of 6 products, with varying seasonal bouquets to line up with holidays & special occasions. 


Our cut flowers range across a variety of species and options. We supply variety into the market, from tulips, daffodils, gerberas, to our own home grown sunflowers, and so much more. The cut flowers are also on a seasonal rotation, to ensure our customers can supply to the demand of what they need to carry for their own customers. 


Our potted plant variety ranges across tropical & sub-tropical, succulents, bulbs, temperates and more. The availability of the potted plants are based on seasonal availability. We select the best growers to supply the premium quality products. 


Roses are a staple of any floral company. Sunrise Floral is no exception. We offer an array of roses from single stem to dozens. Our roses also are integrated throughout our bouquets, to add various accent colours of beauty.