How do I buy products from Sunrise Floral?

Sunrise Floral is known as a "wholesaler" in the floral industry. This means we take flowers which we either grow or buy and sell them to the retailers - in most cases grocery stores. You can see a list of the stores we sell to on our website 'Distributors' page. 

How do I become a customer?

If you are a retailer looking to add Sunrise Floral products to your in-store offering, then we are happy to assist. Our current system allows us to add new customers virtually seamlessly. Reach out to us by contacting we will gladly find solutions in how to fulfill your product requirements. 

How long has Sunrise Floral been around?

Sunrise Floral has been around, and owned by the Leenstra family since 1985. Since then, the company was split into 3 groups and 1 group became Sunrise Floral ltd, operating since 1995 in the Surrey/Langley area. We now ship to 3 provinces and are in over 40 retail locations. 

Are Sunrise Florals bouquets organic or 'green'?

No. As of right now, our products still have plastic wraps around them. We are constantly working to create more environmentally friendly solutions and are implementing new ideas weekly to try and do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to become an eco-friendly company, and reduce as much waste and plastic in our process as possible. 

How does Sunrise Floral design your bouquets?

Our team of bouquet-makers work attentively to come up with new bouquet styles and colour patterns. With the combined experience between our bouquet makers and managers, we are constantly creating new bouquet designs to keep up to our standard. 

How many products does Sunrise Floral have?

Sunrise Floral offers many product lines but have 6 primary product lines. However, we are able to tailor our product lines to the demand of our accounts and new accounts. 

What is our Refund and Exchange Policy?

If a product is shipped out and it is not up to our high standards which our customers come to know and expect, we are quick to amend the error in the appropriate ways. If that requires us to credit back to an account or ship replacement products we are always happy to do so, as our products are both a reflection on us and our customers.