Becoming a Local Customer 

If you are a retailer looking to add Sunrise Floral products to your in-store offering, then we are happy to assist. Our current system allows us to add new customers virtually seamlessly. Reach out to us by contacting sales.sunrisefloral@shaw.ca we will gladly find solutions in how to fulfill your product requirements. 

Shipping Process

Our business is based solely upon shipping both locally and to out-of-town customers. This means we have our own delivery trucks to deliver products to our local customers and we fulfill our out-of-town shipping requirements through our warehouse and the appropriate channels of distribution. The nature of shipping floral products requires a speedy 'lead time', so focusing on our shipping department is a crucial step to our success and growth.

Return & Exchange Policy

If a product is shipped out and it is not up to our high standards which our customers come to know and expect, we are quick to amend the error in the appropriate ways. If that requires us to credit back to an account or ship replacement products we are always happy to do so, as our products are both a reflection on us and our customers.