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About Us

Sunrise Floral is a locally owned and operated floral wholesaling company. Located in beautiful Port Kells British Columbia, we have gladly served our customers and community for over 30 years. Supplying locally grown floral products to grocery stores from British Columbia to Saskatchewan! Our products range from colourful bouquets to exotic potted plants, both domestic and tropical.


Here at Sunrise Floral, we want our customers to feel respected and prioritized. Therefore, our focus is to bring both premium quality and exceptional service to each company we work with. Sunrise Floral was built by hard work and dedication over the last 30 years, and that is how we will continue to set the bar in the floral industry.  

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Due to high demand, Sunrise Floral takes orders each and every single day to serve our customers better. The life span of our floral products may be short, but with a lot of effort and hustle, we get our products to their destination. Our team personally ensures all of our products get shipped out as promptly and securely as possible, not letting any orders slip through the cracks.

Our Process

Step 1.

Each week we receive our raw materials through local growers or, depending on the season, right from our very own backyard.

Step 2.

These flowers are then meticulously designed into bouquets by our experienced and talented Bouquet Design Team.

Step 3.

Bouquets, fresh-cut flowers, potted plants and supplies are safely boxed up and prepared for shipment.

Step 4.

The products that are being shipped out of town are loaded onto our trucks and delivered to the shipping warehouses where they will be dispersed across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The products that are being shipping locally will be personally delivered by our sales and delivery team.

Step 6.

You get to enjoy our beautifully handcrafted bouquets!

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